Part 1 of the compilation of 500 Geography questions asked in SSC CGL exam. Previous years' Geography questions of SSC CGL exam

As we all know how important role previous years' questions play when it comes to SSC exams. So our team 'The GKAdda247" has compiled the questions of GK GS section of SSC CGL exam. 
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This is part 1 of the compilation.The links of part 2 and part 3 are at the bottom of the page. 

◼️Part 1 of the compilation of 500 Geography  questions asked in SSC CGL exam. 

Previous years' Geography questions of SSC CGL exam

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1)Seismic sea waves which approach the coasts at greater force are known as (SSC CGL, 2010)

(a) Tides 

(b) Tsunami
(c) Current 
(d) Cyclone


2. The land of maximum biodiversity is(SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Tropical 

(b) Temperate
(c) Monsoonal 
(d) Equatorial


3. Indian Standard Time relates to (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) 75.5°E longitude 

(b) 82.5°E longitude
(c) 90.5°E longitude 
(d) 0° longitude


4. Which is the second nearest star to the Earth after the Sun? (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Vega 

(b) Sirius 
(c) Proxima Centauri 
(d) Alpha Centauri


5. The forest in Sundarban is called (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Scrub jungle 

(b) Mangrove 
(c) Deciduous forest 
(d) Tundra


6. Which of the following Indonesian regions was a victim of massive earthquake in 2004 ? (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Irian Jaya 

(b) Sumatra 
(c) Kalibangan 
(d) Java


7. The first non-stop air-conditioned 'DURANTO' train was flagged off between (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Sealdah - New Delhi 

(b) Mumbai - Howrah
(c) Bangalore - Howrah 
(d) Chennai - New Delhi


8. Which one of the following states does not form part of Narmada River basin ? (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Madhya Pradesh 

(b) Rajasthan 
(c) Gujarat 
(d) Maharashtra


9. Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Afforestation 

(b) Terrace cultivation 
(c) Strip cropping 
(d) Contour ploughing


10. Who coined the word 'Geography'? (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Ptolemy 

(b) Eratosthenese 
(c) Hacataus 
(d) Herodatus


11. Which of the following is called the 'ecological hot spot of India'? (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Western Ghats

(b) Eastern Ghats
(c) Western Himalayas
(d) Eastern Himalayas


12. The age of the Earth can be determined by (SSC CGL2010)

(a) Geological Time Scale 

(b) Radio-Metric Dating 
(c) Gravity method 
(d) Fossilization method


13. How much of the Earth's land surface is desert? (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) 1/10th 

(b) 1/5th
(c) 1/3rd
(D) 1/6th


14. River Indus originates from: (SSC CGL2011)

(a) Hindukush range 

(b) Himalayan range 
(c) Karakoram range 
(d) Kailash range


15. The lowest layer of the atmosphere is: (SSC CGL2011)

(a) Stratosphere 

(b) Thermosphere 
(c) Troposphere 
(d) Mesosphere


16. The Konkan Railway connects: (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) Goa - Mangalore 

(b) Roha - Mangalore 
(c) Kanyakumari - Mangalore 
(d) Kanyakumari - Mumbai


17. Bark of this tree is used as a condiment- (SSC CGL2011)

(a) Cinnamon 

(b) Clove 
(c) Neem 
(d) Palm


18. The atmospheric air is held to the Earth by: (SSC CGL2011)

(a) gravity 

(b) winds 
(c) clouds 
(d) rotation of the Earth


19. The common tree species in nilgiri hills is (SSC CGL 2010)

(a) Sal

(b) Pine 
(c) Eucalyptus 
(d) Teak


20. Which is the largest living bird on Earth?

(a) Emu

(b) Ostrich 
(c) Albatross 
(d) Siberian Crane


21. Rihand Dam Project provides irrigation to (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) Gujarat and Maharashtra

(b) Orissa and West Bengal
(c) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
(d) Kerala and Karnataka


22. Which is the longest irrigation canal in India? (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) Sirhind Canal 

(b) Yamuna Canal 
(c) Indira Gandhi Canal 
(d) East Kosi Canal


23. 'Loktak' is a (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) Valley 

(b) Lake 
(c) River 
(d) Mountain Range


24. Which city receives the highest cosmic radiation amongst the following? (SSC CGL 2011)

(a) Chennai 

(b) Mumbai 
(c) Kolkata 
(d) Delhi


25. The HYV programme in India is also called as (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) Traditional Agriculture 

(b) New Agricultural Strategy 
(c) White Revolution 
(d) Blue Revolution


26. Railway coaches are manufactured at (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) Jamshedpur 

(b) Chittaranjan 
(c) Perambur 
(d) Varanasi


27. A series of lines connecting places having a quake at the same time are called (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) Homoseismal lines 

(b) Seismolines 
(c) Coseismal lines 
(d) Isoseismal lines


28. What would be the impact of global warming on mangrove forests? (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) They will grow more luxurious (b) Large areas of mangroves will be submerged 

(c) Their role as carbon sinks will become more important 
(d) Both (a) and (c) above


29. The brightest planet is (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) Venus 

(b) Mercury 
(c) Jupiter 
(d) Mars


30. Wheat, Barley, Lemon, Orange, rye and pearl millet belong to: (SSC CGL 2012)

(a) the same plant family 

(b) two plant families 
(c) three plant families 
(d) four plant families


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