Part 3 of the compilation of 500 Geography questions asked in SSC CGL exam. Previous years' Geography questions of SSC CGL exam

As we all know how important role previous years' questions play when it comes to SSC exams. So our team 'The GKAdda247" has compiled the questions of GK GS section of SSC CGL exam. 

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This is part 3 of the compilation.

Part 3 of the compilation of  500 Geography questions asked in SSC CGL exam. 

Previous years' Geography questions of SSC CGL exam

66. Where is the shore based steel plant located? (SSC CGL 2013)

(a) Tuticorin 

(b) Salem
(c) Vishakhapatnam 
(d) Mangalore


67. Which two of the following are connected by the North South corridor? (SSC CGL 2013)

(a) Srinagar and Kanyakumari

(b) Mumbai and Chennai
(c) Amritsar and Kolkata
(d) Hyderabad and Bhopal


68. Which of the following statements is correct? (SSC CGL 2014)

(a) Mahadeo hills are in the west of Maikala hills.

(b) Mahadeo hills are the part of Karnataka Plateau.
(c) Mahadeo hills are in the east of Chhotanagpur Plateau.
(d) Mahadeo hills are the part of Aravalli ranges.


69. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (SSC CGL 2014)

(a) Hevea Tree—Brazil 

(b) Sumatra Storm—Malaysia 
(c) Kajan River—Borneo 
(d) Dekke Toba fish—Brazil


70. Which of the following resources is renewable one? (SSC CGL 2014)

(a) Uranium 

(b) Coal 
(c) Timber 
(d) Natural Gas


71. Soil erosion can be prevented by (SSC CGL 2014)

(a) Increasing bird population 

(b) Afforestation 
(c) Removal of vegetation 
(d) Overgrazing


72. Natural sources of air pollution are (SSC CGL 2014)

(a) Forest fires 

(b) Volcanic eruptions 
(c) Dust storm 
(d) Smoke from burning dry leaves


73. The 'graded profile' of a river course is a (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) smooth curve in the upper course 

(b) smooth curve in the middle course 
(c) smooth curve in the lower course 
(d) smooth curve from source to mouth


74. Sink hole is a phenomenon of ___ topography. (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Desert 

(b) Tundra 
(c) Karst 
(d) Plain


75. Kerala is famous for the cultivation of (SSC CGL 2015)

1. Coconut 

2. Black pepper 
3. Rubber 
4. Rice

(a) 1, 2 and 4 

(b) 2, 3 and 4 
(c) 1 and 4 
(d) 1, 2 and 3


76. The longest continental Railway in the world is (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Trans Siberian Railway 

(b) Canadian Pacific Railway 
(c) Canadian National Railway 
(d) Trans Atlantic Railway


77. Which of the following is FALSE with respect to rain water harvesting? (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) It helps raising water table

(b) It helps meet rising water demand
(c) It increases run-off losses
(d) It is a device of water conservation


78. Which of the following river does not originate in Indian territory ? (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Mahanadi 

(b) Brahmaputra 
(c) Satluj 
(d) Ganga


79. Which one among the following industries in the maximum consumer of water in India ? (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Textile

(b) Engineering
(c) Paper and Pulp 
(d) Thermal Power


80. Choose the correct option which represents the arrangement of atmospheric layers. (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere

(b) Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere
(c) Ionosphere, Exosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere
(d) Exosphere, Troposphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere


81. Which of the following options correctly explains the term 'heat budget'? (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) It is the amount of heat which the surface of earth receives form the sun.

(b) It is the radiation from the earth in the form of long waves
(c) It is a mode of transfer of heat through matter by molecular activity.
(d) It is the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation.


82. The layer of atmosphere close to the earth's surface is called: (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Exosphere 

(b) Ionosphere 
(c) Stratosphere 
(d) Troposphere


83. Which of the following plant shows chloroplast dimorphism? (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Sugarcane 

(b) Sugar beet
(c) Rice
(d) Wheat


84. Day and Night are equal at the : (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Prime Meridian 

(b) Poles 
(c) Equator 
(d) Antarctic


85. Evergreen type forests are found in : (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Mediterranean region 

(b) Monsoon climatic area 
(c) Desert region 
(d) Equatorial region


86. The ash-grey soils of high latitude coniferous forests are known as : (SSC CGL 2015)

(a) Grey-Brown soils 

(b) Red and Yellow soils 
(c) Tundra soils 
(d) Podsols


87. Equinox occurs when the sun is vertically above (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Tropic of Capricorn

(b) Tropic of Cancer
(c) Poles
(d) Equator


88. Among the world oceans, which ocean is having the widest continental shelf ? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Antarctic ocean 

(b) Arctic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean 
(d) Atlantic ocean


89. Which is largest peninsular river in India? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Krishna 

(b) Godavari 
(c) Cauvery 
(d) Mahanadi


90. Red soil is normally found in India in which regions? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Eastern Region only 

(b) Southern Region only 
(c) Eastern & Southern part of the Deccan Plateau 
(d) None of these


91. Limestone is a raw material used by which industry? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Aluminium 

(b) Fertilizers 
(c) Cement 
(d) Petrochemicals


91. Mount Abu is a hill station located in _ ranges. (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Vindhya 

(b) Satpuda 
(c) Aravalli 
(d) Sahyadri


92. The only perennial river in Peninsular India is _ . (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Godavari 

(b) Kaveri 
(c) Krishna 
(d) Bhima


93. When does solar eclipse take place ? (SSC CGL2016)

(a) When the sun is between the moon and earth 

(b) When the earth is between the moon and sun 
(c) When the moon is between the sun and earth 
(d) When the moon does not lie on the line joining the sun and earth


94. Strait of Gibraltar connects which of the following? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Red Sea-Mediterranean Sea 

(b) Red Sea-Arabian Sea 
(c) Atlantic Ocean-Mediterranean Sea 
(d) Mediterranean Sea-Black Sea


95. The largest solar power plant in India is located at (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Nagercoil 

(b) Jaisalmer 
(c) Madhapur 
(d) Rann of Kutch


96. On which river is the Tehri dam built? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Alakananda 

(b) Bhagirathi

(c) Ganga 

(d) Hooghly


97. With which country, India has the longest international boundary? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Nepal 

(b) Pakistan 
(c) China 
(d) Bangladesh


98. Which State in India has the largest coastline? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Tamil Nadu 

(b) Andhra Pradesh 
(c) Gujarat 
(d) West Bengal


99. Jog falls in Karnataka is located over which river? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Kaveri 

(b) Godavari 
(c) Sharavati 
(d) Krishna


100. Which one of the following areas of India is covered by tropical evergreen forest? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Semi-arid areas of Gujarat 

(b) Eastern Ghats 
(c) Western Ghats 
(d) Madhya Pradesh


101. Which of the following State is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides? (SSC CGL 2016)

(a) Nagaland 

(b) Assam 
(c) Arunachal Pradesh 
(d) Tripura


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500 Geography questions asked in SSC CGL


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